Path to Programming

My experience on the path to programming.

My first project built on Rails

Working on this project was an incredibly rewarding experience that opened my eyes to the incredible amount of information I have learned from this course. It was also a reminder of how much there still is to learn. The project requirements are certainly met, but I still would like to work on the front end more to make the interface more user friendly. Below I outline what the app is capable of and some struggles I faced along the way.

Ruby on Rails - A reference.


Sinatra Project.

Rake. What is it?

As I progress through the curriculum I am becoming more and more interested in what is happening under the hood of our favorite frameworks and gems. I came across Rake in the ORM and Active Record portion of the course and decided to make a guide to help myself better understand Rake and how it makes important gems, such as Active Record work.

My first CLI build.