Alright, alright, alright.

Posted by swgoodman on April 27, 2018


My name is Spencer.

I don’t know who this blog may reach, but whoever you may be, thank you. Time is, of course, valuable, finite, and fleeting, and I appreciate you spending yours reading the musings of 24 year old kid, mid career change.

I’m coming to you LIVE from a small studio apartment in Santa Cruz, California. I’m writing this from my ‘office’; an IKEA Loveseat next to an overstuffed bookcase featuring countless biographies, two complete Lord of the Rings sets, and a Dr. Doolittle VHS, among other treasures.

“Spencer, how did you get here and why do you have two sets of LOTR?” Good question, insightful reader in the front.

Life. Is. Crazy. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2016 with a degree in Economics. I then had a quick stint as the Art Department Assistant on a Netflix show, but eventually landed my dream job in the Music Industry. I helped artists market their tours, albums, and more at a buzzing startup in Los Angeles. It was nothing short of a crash course in marketing, the music industry, and the ‘real’ world all at once. It was incredible.

To supplement my income I started taking on marketing clients on the side. This work quickly grew and I was soon off building a small digital agency with a friend I had met back in pre-school. We’ve been running this operation for the past year and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.

But marketing is not my calling.

I want to build, not promote. As an introverted leaning ambivert, I am not a natural born promoter. I prefer sitting at my computer, studying applications and getting better at using them. Playing with Synthesizers in Ableton or editing photos in Lightroom. I’ve always danced with the idea of learning to program, given my interests. Over the past 6 years I’ve bookmarked over 50 Learn To Code programs, thinking to myself, “I should look into this.”

Well I finally did.

Our agency recently stopped accepting new marketing clients and I had the opportunity to explore another career direction. So I enrolled in some free “Intro to Coding” programs. As I worked through the programs I found the same state of ‘flow’ I get when working in Photoshop and other applications. One question kept popping into my head, “WHY didn’t I start sooner?”

Even with my novice skill set, I can see the potential application of what I am learning. The ability to build programs, websites, and mobile apps. The ability to innovate and push the uses of technology further. The ability to help people.

That is why I enrolled in Flatiron. That is why I am learning to code.

Oh, why do I have two sets of Lord of the Rings? A) Ebay is dangerous at 2am after a night out with friends. Be careful out there. B) It’s a fantastic, life-changing series. Read it. I have a set you can borrow.